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Mastering Memory is distributed by KA Technology in the form of Apps for iPhone / iPad, Android and Windows. Coaching continues to be available directly from Jane Mitchell.

Mastering Memory is a tool you can use to help improve the understanding and strategies of both Short-Term Memory and Transfer to Long-Term Memory.  Both auditory and visual sequential memory are addressed and both are needed for many learning skills.

Whilst it is presented as a computer program, the essence of successfully using Mastering Memory is the discussion that takes place between the teacher / parent and user.  This metacognitive discussion, and how to transfer and generalise to real life, is explained in the accompanying manual.

Mastering Memory Manual

Mastering Memory Manual

Mastering Memory was designed by Jane E. Mitchell, who trained as a Speech and Language Therapist and dyslexia teacher (RSA diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties).  Her wide experience includes work at Westminster Children's hospital, a residential school for autistic children, and Fairley House School for dyslexic children.  She has been a tutor for the RSA diploma and lectured for many years on memory, thinking and study skills at UCL and  I CAN, where she was known for her useful practical approach.

Jane learned the techniques of Tony Buzan while still at school and has been trained in Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment, Neurolinguistics by Dr. Willie Monteiro and Thinking Skills by Dr. Edward de Bono.

Jane has run the Communication and Learning Skills Centre (CALSC) since 1988 and provides the website. Jane has previously provided the Student Organiser Pack, C-Cards Manual, Memory Bricks and the Timely Reminders computer program.