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Mastering Memory Pictures

Mastering Memory is more than a Memory Game! It was the first Memory-focused Brain Training on computer used in schools by therapists and teachers back in 1995. Since then it has been used to help 1000s of children, adults and the elderly to understand their strengths and weaknesses in short term and working memory and master metacognitive memory strategies to help peak performance in real life.

Neuroplasticity - the ability of neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganization - is possible. You CAN improve your Memory by specifically thinking about how you remember things, where your focus is when you are best at remembering and what strategies you can employ, especially if you talk about memory with other people and try out the strategies which they find work best for them.

No App or computer program can magically claim to improve memory in real life simply by playing it. If you do that it is just a game, which may be fun. Improvements in your memory come through the activities described above, especially if done in discussion with someone else. Parents, teachers and therapists can talk to people experiencing memory problems about HOW they are remembering things and, together, can work out and practise new memory strategies that can be used in real life. This process can be done without any software, but Mastering Memory is a great tool to allow you to do that.

The discussion of the different option screens on Mastering Memory is what makes the person understand their own memory patterns.

For example
Is Auditory or Visual mode easier?
How many items is easy to remember?
Does how fast they appear make is harder?
Do you like to see the written description or is that more confusing?

If a parent or carer or tutor can model how THEY remember sequences using Mastering Memory this will help the Brain Training of the person with a memory problem. After all how else will those experiencing problems learn what people with a good memory do silently and automatically inside their heads?

Look at for a historical look at the computer program that preceded this App. and studies done on its efficacy. It was recommended by Lucid CoPS as a treatment for poor auditory and visual short term working memory, and is still regularly recommended by Educational Psychologists when a child has a poor digit span score, often the pattern found in children with Dyslexia.

The author of the original program, a Speech and Language Therapist, has used it with adults with Memory Loss due to a variety of neurological reasons.

Neuroplasticity is possible, try for yourself and stay optimistic.

Mastering Memory Pictures is suitable for children from 2 years to 11 years old. It includes images of animals, food, transport, sport and other items.

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