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What proof is there that Mastering Memory works?

Since its launch in 1996 several independent studies have been carried out on the program. Copies of these are available if you are interested. Two were by students at Hull University supervised by Prof. Chris Singleton. Both concluded that computer assisted memory training was a useful method for improving memory. A further study was carried out by Wendy Sullivan at Fairly House School for dyslexic students. She concluded that "Mastering Memory was effective in improving visual sequential short-term memory". A student working under Prof. Sue Buckley at Portsmouth tested whether Mastering Memory would improve the memory of children with Down's Syndrome; it did, at statistically significant levels, after only a short course of sessions. Glenys Heap at the Dyslexia Institute reported in the Dyslexia Institute Journal that she has found the program improves both short-term and long-term memory.

An examination of computer memory training in children

Computer-assisted enhancement of memory in children