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Mastering Memory Pro

Mastering Memory Pro is great for schools and therapists to use as a tool to help them improve the short-term memory of their pupils and clients. It has modules suitable for children and adults. At its easiest it can be used with pre-school aged children (with a prerequisite for understanding the concept of same and different) and at its most difficult it is hard for most adults.

The hardest option is presenting 5 items, in auditory modality, at 1 second intervals, with 3 information carrying words per item; e.g. the colour, the direction and object name. That is 15 bits of information to recall and hold in either working memory or short-term memory or transfer to long-term memory as directed by the teacher.

Playing with this app without the help of a supportive human will not improve the memory of the user in real life. Because if you already knew what to do to improve your memory you would be doing it already! The problem is we don’t talk about memory and HOW we remember. So someone who is not good at memory has no way of learning from their peers or parents.

Mastering Memory Pro is a tool in which you can alter the:

  • Module
  • Difficulty Level
  • Topics
  • Number of items to remember
  • Modality (visual memory / auditory memory or both combined)
  • Speed
  • Presentation style (Pictures / Text or both)
  • Pattern or sequence of items
  • Various colour / background accessibility options

Thus you have 1000s of possible sequences to choose and see which are easier and which are more difficult.

The point of Mastering Memory Pro is to discuss HOW you remember (i.e. the strategies you use), discuss HOW to use those skills to improve memory in real life and set a timetable to provide motivation and opportunities to practise using those strategies.

If the child has no idea what strategies they use, the adult meditating the program can demonstrate out loud and model how he or she would remember sequences of pictures. This is a good strategy for parents who want to help, but don’t feel confident to teach Memory Strategies.

There is a developmental sequence of memory strategies, but anyone who can remember can help someone find out what options may help them. It is important to then apply that knowledge in the real world, to remember things that matter.

Mastering Memory Pro and it’s pictures are a tool to discover your strengths and weaknesses, and understand your own Memory Blueprint through discussion.

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