I am very pleased to say that the Mastering Memory software is now produced by KA Technology in the form of Apps for iPhone and Android. KA Technology have worked with CALSC for many years. Coaching is still available from Jane Mitchell.

To learn more about the new Apps see below.

Mastering Memory Pictures
Mastering Memory Pictures is more than a Memory Game! It was the first Memory-focused Brain Training on computer used in schools by therapists and teachers back in 1995. Since then it has been used to help 1000s of children, adults and the elderly to understand their strengths and weaknesses in short term and working memory and master metacognitive memory strategies to help peak performance in real life.

Mastering Memory Pro
Mastering Memory Pro is great for schools and therapists to use as a tool to help them improve the short-term memory of their pupils and clients. It has modules suitable for children and adults. At its easiest it can be used with pre-school aged children (with a prerequisite for understanding the concept of same and different) and at its most difficult it is hard for most adults.

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